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Fair and Festival Season is Coming to Town

By savannahmarie

Things that are worth the five hour drive from the city to Syracuse are few and far between.  Still, a lot of families, car fanatics and horse lovers drive much farther than that to attend the many illustrious events of the New York State Fair every year for Labor Day weekend.  With crowds that ca... Read More

Five Places to Volunteer With Your Child in NYC

By savannahmarie

If you are looking to do something special with your child, consider the value of spending time instead of spending money. There are many volunteer opportunities throughout New York City perfect for parents and children to do together. Volunteering as a family has many benefits, including enhancing ... Read More

Back-to-School Shopping in New York City

By savannahmarie

After a long, hot summer in the city, it’s finally time for the kids to go back to school. Whether you’re excited about it — more time for you! — or are dreading it  — they grow up so fast! — one thing you need to start thinking about now is all that back-to-school shopping. This can be... Read More

6 Ways to Stop Summer Sibling Spats

By savannahmarie

6 Ways to Stop Summer Sibling Spats Everyone looks forward to the summer months. No school, fewer responsibilities when it comes to toting around the kids, and the not-so-blissful awareness that your loving children are arguing. Again. Yes, regardless of age, years between, or gender, your... Read More

10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer

By savannahmarie

The summer months provide a great time to teach your kids what it means to be a lifelong learner. Just because they aren’t in the classroom doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of ways for them to get enrichment that comes with learning something new. You can be the guide, as you help your ki... Read More

Summer Bucket List for the NYC Mom

By savannahmarie

When you’re a mother, summer is a great time to bond with the kids, at least for the first week or so. Then, depending on their age and temperament, it may start to feel a bit less… pleasant. Of course, you still love them, but a day off here and there would do a world of good. Living in New ... Read More

Inside the City: A List of the Ten Best Spots for Kids

By savannahmarie

New York City has something for everyone, and your kids are no exception. Although the city may be better known for its nightlife and arts and culture scene, there's no shortage of family friendly activities around the five boroughs. Whether you're looking for a quick outing after school or are plan... Read More

Exploring Finger Lakes Wine Country

By savannahmarie

Whether you're looking for a way to relax mid-winter or late summer, the Finger Lakes Wine Country is a wonderful place to explore. The Wine Country has nearly 100 wineries, many of which are open year-round. During the peak season in the summer and fall, most of the wineries are actually open seven... Read More

Summer Vacation Destinations in the Tri-State Area

By savannahmarie

People from all over the world visit New York City, but if you live here summer is the time when you might want to make a great escape. Summer in the city is not all it’s cracked up, once you factor in the heat, noise and crowds. Plus, with the kids out of school, it’s a great time to venture to... Read More

Top 10 Things to do in Spring on Long Island and NYC area

By debraferrie

We've finally emerged from the blanket of cold and the Arctic air, so it's a perfect time to get out and embrace the warmer weather. We've compiled 10 fun spots to take the kids to this Spring in New York that all offer outdoor fun. 1. Visit a beach Take a family walk on the beach.  From the... Read More