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Rosemary Garlic Salmon Recipe

March is National Nutrition Month and let’s celebrate by eating right and healthy.  According to the recently released Dietary Guidelines for Americans from the USDA, new evidence supports increasing your seafood intake to around 20 percent of your protein per week.

Salmon is considered one of nature’s superfoods because it’s loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and other important nutrients.  Below is a recipe for Rosemary Garlic Salmon that can be ready in less than 20 minutes.  It just might have your family asking for seconds.   The salmon in the picture looks so yummy, it’s making my mouth water.

1½- to 2-lb. salmon fillet
1½ Tbsp. olive oil
1½ Tbsp. melted butter
2 Tbsp. Tone’s® Rosemary Garlic Seasoning
1 tsp. black pepper

Combine melted butter and oil and brush on both sides of the salmon.  Sprinkle seasoning and pepper on both sides of the fish.  Place fish in a shallow baking dish.  Bake or broil 8 – 12 minutes (flip once) and enjoy!


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  1. Mina Frannea 03/16/2011 at 8:57 pm

    I love Tones Rosemary garlic seasoning and use it on fish all the time. Look forward to trying your recipe!