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Review: “Salsa Baby” brunch at Ideya

Recently, we joined friends for a “salsa baby” brunch at Ideya in Soho. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m a big fan of brunch… the eggs, the waffles, the mimosas… what can I say, they make me happy. Upon learning about Ideya’s live music for the toddler set, I knew we had to check it out. Our daughter has developed a fondness for “dancing” lately, and what’s better than a live band to get your body moving. Sure, her definition of getting down is more of a bounce/wiggle type movement, but whatever works, right?

I have a tendency to procrastinate (not one of my finer qualities), and waited until the last minute and made reservations on Saturday.  We were able to grab their last table of 6 for the 12 noon seating on Sunday (note to self & others: don’t wait till the last minute to make a reservation).  We sat up front, against the window, with the band directly opposite.  Front row seats, baby!  The music started almost immediately and was SO fun and energetic — it didn’t take long for kids young and old to start shaking their money makers.  They played a variety of Latin tunes, in addition to a few songs especially for the kids — Old McDonald, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, etc. I found it refreshing that the band members seemed to really enjoy themselves, not wondering how they ended up playing a gig in front of a bunch of children.

Each table was adorned with a few musical instruments, stickers and crayons for the little ones.  A nice touch.  Brunch itself was delicious — I shared a spanish omelet with our daughter and my husband chowed down on the huevos ideya (poached eggs on corn arepas) and a nice-sized Bloody Mary.

Long story short, our group had a LOT of fun and we’ll definitely come back to Ideya again.

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