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Review: Weekend Brunch at The Half King

New Yorkers and the weekend brunch are as synonymous as America and apple pie. In fact, my husband and I were brunch pros long before our daughter came along. We had our standard neighborhood haunts, knew when to arrive to avoid a crowd and could spot a ‘prix-fixe with drink included’ sign a mile away. Looking back on those erstwhile days, I’m fairly certain we took each culinary outing for granted.

After our daughter was born, mimosas and eggs benedict were put on the *ahem* back burner. We didn’t venture out for fear of the baby crying, and as a result, rediscovered our oven and Menupages. Not a terrible experiment, to be sure, despite a little something we’re calling The Blackened Waffle Incident.

Before long, we dared to head out again into the masses.  Our first sit-down meal was at a neighborhood bar & restaurant, yet for some reason, it felt like we were miles away. The Half King is a block from our apartment and on the weekends serves a hearty brunch (if a mimosa is what you’re craving, arrive after 12 due to NY state law). Getting through the front door with a stroller is simple as there are no steps. Hurrah! The main dining room is large and the two aisles are big enough to get a stroller through without attracting a lot of attention. We arrived at 11am and there were probably less than 10 people in the restaurant. While that may be a bad sign to some, it’s more likely the neighborhood just hasn’t woken up yet. We noticed at least two other families dining while we were there, which added to the comfort level for us. (Side note: weather-permitting, there is an adorable outdoor garden with tables, though it’s considerably smaller than the main dining area). While we chowed down, our bambina sat comfortably in her stroller. Eventually falling asleep, she awoke only when the bill arrived at our table. Perfect timing.

Our daughter is now an active toddler, and (despite the active part!) I am proud to say we are back to dining in restaurants frequently.  I look forward to bringing you my family’s recommended restaurants each week.  In the meantime, two thumbs up for brunch at The Half King.


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