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Backyard Safety Explorer

With summer now upon us, we are more than likely to be using our backyard grills.  For those of you with children, the backyard is not necessarily the safest part of your house.  What do you have in your backyard?  A pool?  A BBQ grill?  A swing set? A concrete floor?   You may have a pool where children can drown.  You may have a BBQ grill where children or adults can get burned.  You may have a swing set where a child may potentially get hurt.  You may have concrete in your backyard where children can slip,  fall and hurt themselves.  How can you child-proof your backyard?

There is an interactive tool that you can access here.  It’s called the Backyard Safety Explorer.

The Backyard Safety Explorer allows users to test their safety knowledge of their outdoor space through creating backyard settings, exploring your particular setting’s components and sharing your “badges” on Facebook, encouraging users to take the insights to make sure their own yards are safe before allowing kids to run around the backyard.





You choose the type of backyard that you have


Test your knowledge about summer/heat/sun protection questions


Share with your friends on Facebook what you learned and show off your “badges”

This interactive tool may save your child’s life.  It’s also a great tool to have for the entire summer months.  Remember safety first.  Have a great summer!


{images:  courtesy of Underwriter’s Laboratories}

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