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Hearts of Palm Salad

Hearts of Palm are a real delicacy! They are actually harvested when the Palm tree is cut down, and the core is the Heart of Palm. Not only is it incredibly labor intensive, in the state of Florida, there are actually conservation laws protecting the Palms from being cut for their delicious insides. Aside from being high in Fiber, they are also high in Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and other necessary nutrients. Here is a recipe for you to enjoy, amazing flavors that compliment one another and allow you to eat to your hearts content!


One jar of hearts of palm
One can of chick peas (garbanzo beans)
Pint or bunch of cherry tomatoes halved
Small bunch of green onion (about 3 or 4)
Two full sprigs of fresh mint (about 1 heaping tablespoon chopped)
One clove garlic ( I luvvvvv garlic, I usually add three cloves)
Two lemons
1/3 cup of olive oil
Cut Hearts of Palm into 1/2 lengthwise, and again in 1/2 widthwise
Drain liquid from canned chick peas, rinse and add
Add halved tomatoes, chopped green onion and chopped mint
Mash up garlic with a mortar and pestle and add to salad
Pour lemon juice and olive oil and salt to taste
Allow the flavors to “marry” each other by putting the prepared salad in the refrigerator.
You can garnish with Romaine leaves when ready to serve.

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