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Carnival Themed Cake

This has to be one of my favorite party themes that I have implemented. There are so many options when doing a carnival and circus themed party. Not only are there options for the decorations and food, but the list of games can go on and on! I recently had a party for my two girls in this theme, and it was one of the greatest parties I had ever thrown. 🙂

circus cake

Above, you will see the cake my wonderful neighbor, Maria, made for my girls. My neighbor is one of those women who lived with an undiscovered talent for so long, and is starting to really amaze all of us around her! Aside from being absolutely adorable, her cakes are quite delicious as well. I am hoping that maybe if enough of you comment on how great her cakes are, she might consider starting a business of her own. She doesn’t seem to think her work is as great as it actually is….

Below you will see the detail in her fondant characters….

To the left of the above photo are the Popcorn Cupcakes that I made for the party. They were really yummy too… details coming soon!


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