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Christmas Coupons!

This post is intended to  help my fellow moms achieve a bit of Christmas peace while shopping around like crazed animals, at least thats what I look like when I shop…. I decided to update you with a list of Groupon type websites that will knock off enough dollars to have you grabbing a gift or two for yourself. Don’t worry, we are all a bit of guilty of the “one for you, one for me… ” and these sites will have you obsessed with local deals and deep discounts on virtually everything!

I will begin with some of my favorites, however, they will be in no particular order… 🙂

Groupon – The one that started it all. They even have a grouponicus gift shop!

GiltLike Groupon, but a bit more high end. Designer deals pretty much sums this baby up…

Zulily – Geared towards kids and their wonderful mamas & papas….

LivingSocial – They also have an awesome family edition that doles out deals on kids activities and stuff for the parents too!

JuiceintheCity – Get a dose of your daily Juice, with local deals in most areas. This one will get definitely get you wanting to take a gulp.

FamilyFinds – Daily deals on family friendly activities, and national deals as well.

FamGrabKids activities, restaurants, professional services and more! Stuff that you and your family will want to grab!

MamasourceThe source for all mamas… Local & National posted every day.

DoodleDeals – A great source for deep discounts.

I hope you enjoy these as a great resource, now and in the future. Let me know of any more that you use, so I can update my list!

Happy Holidays!!!

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