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Local Produce in Astoria!

If you are looking for farm fresh produce that is local, look no further! Well, you may have to look a little bit, but at least we Astorians can get a few steps closer! An organization, named PLOVGH, help to organize local produce directly from farms to a pick up point in their neighborhood. We are close to getting local produce here in Astoria:)


As I am sure many of you know already, it is important to eat organic fruits and vegetables, but it is also equally important to eat local. If you are eating a crop from a local farm, then you can rest assured that the crops are fresh and will taste even that more delicious! If you live in Astoria, or other neighborhood nearby, click on this link Vote for your neighborhood – Plovgh and type in your email address and zip code and vote to have your neighborhood in the mix! It is probably much more economical, and definitely much better for you! Hope this helps, and enjoy!

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