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Astoria Park Carnival 2012

For those of you who did not attend last year, I am happy to report that you will have the chance to experience this awesomeness soon! Located directly in the center of the Astoria Park parking lot, some great thinkers transform the lot into a carnival experience to remember!The Astoria Park Carnvial 2012 will not be around for long, only a few days or so, so make sure you book some time to get your ride on!

Aside from the fact that it is located amidst a beautiful, lush green park in Astoria with breathtaking views of manhattan, this carnival also boasts another major benefit. Free Admission. Yup. That’s right. Free Admission. Now, I didn’t say the rides and the food are free, but you can run around and get your nostalgia on for free.

The information and photo below were taken directly from www.centralastoria.org. 🙂

Astoria Park-Parking Lot
Rides, Games Food, Entertainment

Thursday 4-10PM
Friday 4- 11PM

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