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Lowes Designer Event


I had the opportunity to attend the Lowes Designer Event on May 17 in the heart of Manhattan.  I arrived at 5:30 PM and was greeted by the company representing the event.   Each designer designed their space with their own unique creation.  The ladies showed me around the showroom but I walked over and studied each designer’s space and took some pictures with my iphone and used the Instagram app.  There was a small bar where I got some sparkling water and had some appetizers to eat.  There were caters walking around with small dishes of food and it looked so delicious that I had to try them all.

Lowe’s Designer event had 3 designers design a room where people – I think it was mostly bloggers – interviewed the designers and took pictures of their rooms. I have to say all three had fabulous rooms. If it was a contest I would not know who to pick. All of the rooms were lovely.

The designers were:

Elaine Griffin

Marcela Valladolid

Danny Seo


This is the room designed by Danny Seo

Danny’s design had a fun and creative spark about it. I wanted to go and grab some popcorn and lollipops. It was so inviting.

This room was designed by Elaine

Elaine’s style was homey and comfortable. I felt more at home with her creation. Her design is something I would have in my own home.

This room was designed by Marcela

I didn’t get a chance to speak with Marcela. She was constantly being interviewed by other bloggers. I can see why she is so popular. Her room is absolutely gorgeous.  Marcela also had a cooking demonstration at the end and the shrimp that she made was fantastic. I had to have two!

I had a lovely time and so glad I was able to attend. If it wasn’t for Erica or Rachael, I would have missed out on this event. Thank you so much!

***All pictures were taken by me.

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