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Greatest Halloween costumes for kids @ Wishcraft!

Halloween has come a long way, hasn’t it? I have to say that for sure it was one of my favorite holidays as a kid, although I do remember a few good points of humiliation when it came to my costumes…. One of my least fond memories was running around at the last minute looking for a costume to wear to my elementary school parade. I was probably in the 3rd grade, although I can’t say for sure. It was the night before, and my mom was trying so hard to find something, but, it was the last minute and there were slim pickings to be sure. Of course, I was on a mission, to find one of the greatest Halloween costumes for kids!

We pulled up into a drugstore type of place, something like a CVS, and as I rummaged through what was available, my eye caught the holy grail of Halloween costumes. It was a care bear costume, with a mask! I grabbed the care bear costume and I told my mother with so much relief that I found it! My Mom warned me that it might be too small, I was a robust little girl and it was a thin plastic dress with a care bear image printed on it, and the size was at least one or two sizes smaller than I should have had. Of course, being the type of kid who insisted my way through everything, I was basically relentless on my Mom until she gave in and bought it for me.

No. This was not my carebear costume.:(

And there I was, the next day, I don’t quite remember if I was wearing anything underneath the costume. In hindsight, I believe I must have been wearing something, but my memory recalls that I was indeed not wearing more than underwear as the costume wouldn’t allow for much more… I slipped the thin plastic sheath of a thing over me and tried to suck what belly I could inside as I tried to make my way to the parade. It was cool outside, but I was vain and uber proud of my super cool care bear costume.

There I was, a little chunk of a girl, walking through the costume parade, sure that I was the highlight of the parade, as my thin plastic care bear started to defy me. The back started to rip, and it didn’t seem to want to stop from separating at the seams. I tried to hold the back together without being too obvious. The last thing I wanted to do was to draw attention to myself, I wanted to disappear. I had a good two more rounds of half-naked giggles from behind and humiliation before I went inside, changed my clothes, and crumpled up what was left of my care bear and threw it in the trash.

Why, I thought, why doesn’t somebody make nice Halloween costumes? The kind that last, like regular clothes? Well now here we are, many years later, and my kids are now at that same age, and, well, let me tell you how lucky they are….

Adorable candy fairy costume…

I stumbled upon an awesome website and catalog company that sells the most amazingly beautiful and hauntingly whimsical costumes that I have ever laid eyes on. Beware, though, these Halloween costumes aren’t the type you wear and toss, these are the kind that you will hand down to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, they truly are beautiful! The name of the company is Chasing Fireflies and you can find them at www.chasing-fireflies.com. The line of Halloween costumes that they carry goes under the name wishcraft. How cute is that? Here are a few images of what you can find over there, enjoy and happy haunting!

Pirate family costumes…


Glitter fish costume…


Ninja costumes, great for a brother & sister!


Little red riding hood & big bad wolf costume…


Baby owl costume…


Gnome girl costume & Gnome boy costume…


Caveman family costumes… reminds me of the Flintstones!
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