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7 Tips for A Fitter, Healthier, More Active Year

For better or for worse, most of us indulged these last few weeks of 2012, didn’t we? Cake, wine, cookies, appetizers, extra meals, restaurant food … and of course, unless you are fully committed to exercising, it’s easy to let that slide by too.  And then where do we end up? Yep, 5 pounds heavier. UGH.

So instead of running to the store to pick up more black sweaters and sweat pants (God knows, I LOVE my yoga pants, but really!) why not commit to a healthier lifestyle starting, um, right this very minute. Yes, this minute, so put away the huge mocha latte and donut and get off your tushie 😉  I’m not a believer in diets. Dieting is depriving. But I do believe in healthy lifestyle. Everything from eating right, eating less, exercising, staying flexible, positive thinking, sleeping enough and taking the right supplements.

Did you make New Year’s resolutions that include losing fat, eating better and exercising? Are you ready to challenge yourself ?

Here in New York, unless you love the cold, it’s definitely a challenge to get outside in the winter to burn a few calories. But there are so many indoor options! Whether that be renting or buying some exercise DVD’s, taking a KOGA class ( my library as well as the Heritage center in Mount Sinai offers them), taking Zumba (available practically everywhere), hitting up a rock climbing facility (there’s one in Nassau!) or just talking a stroll around the mall, we can find ways to be more active on a daily basis.

Me, I have this cool little stepper that is portable, so I’ll put on a TV program (or sometimes music) and get my 20-30 minutes in as often as I can, followed by a little yoga. A few days a week, I grab the hand weights and alternate between lower body and upper body exercises. If you need more motivation, download a few apps on your phone or Kindle. There are some free exercise ones, broken down into body area (arms, legs, butt, cardio, abs) and some fabulous paid ones too. Or be a magazine ripper ( the old -fashioned way but I still do it and love it) and create a notebook filled with exercise routines. Shape magazine, fitness magazine, yoga journal-they all have them. Choose a new routine each few days for variety.

Here’s 7 tips to get you fitter and more active this year:

1. Cut your TV or computer time IN HALF and spend that other half exercising. Using weights will help you build some muscle and we all know the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn. Not to mention, the hotter we look IN clothes and  OUT of clothes . YogaOn top of that, when you reach my age (40+), having more muscle is crucial to staying fit and strong as we age.

2. Dinner time fitness. Sounds silly but it works. When you are cooking, there’s always that 10 minutes waiting for the pasta to boil, or the oven to pre-heat or whatever. Choose that time to do squats, lunges, leg lifts, push ups and tricep dips right in the kitchen.

3. Family fitness! Get your family outside on any day you can and walk or bike the neighborhood. Or head to a great park, like Avalon in Stony Brook, for a walk through the woods. Or any of our wonderful beaches, if the day is warm enough!

4. Commercial breaks. If you  MUST watch your fave shows, then vow to do jumping jacks or run in place the minute the commercial starts until the minute the show starts AT EACH COMMERCIAL BREAK! Over an hour show, this can be 12-15 minutes! The kids may even join you which helps encourage each other to do more.

5. Play games with the kids. Wii and Kinect have fitness activities as well as sports like wii bowling. While it may not burn a ton of calories, it is better than sitting on your butt, no?

6. Power shop! If you hit up the mall, power walk around the whole mall first one time( or 2 if you have time), as long as it’s not too crowded and you’re not knocking people down! haha. Then walk fast to the stores you want to visit, no meandering….

7. Lastly, consider taking up yoga to not only keep you flexible, but power yoga can burn quite a few calories. Studies have proven yoga keeps us supple as we age and less prone to falls and fractures. Plus slower styles of yoga  can help bring you a feeling of peace, clarity and relaxation which we all need nowadays, don’t we?

Here’s to a healthy New Year!




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  1. Rosanna Kinningham 01/06/2013 at 11:26 am

    After Working at MSY in Adelaide and Holden Hill…..this is the best guide out there on how to make it in and out alive!