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Why you need to support local small businesses and work at home Moms

As a work at home Mom for 12 years now, I know how much work it can be to grow a customer base and make some money for the family bills or extras. And with a close family member owning a small store, I know the challenges of attracting customers when the big box stores can offer lower prices and sometimes more convenience.

But seriously, think about it. Who do you want to support? A hardworking Mom or Dad just like you with kids in sports, outgrowing shoes and a family who would love  to take a vacation to play together? Or the CEO of the large company who most likely owns several vacation homes, a private jet and of course, the maids.

I KNOW how convenient it is to go to Target or Walmart. I have bought on Amazon for convenience too. But I do try to hit up the local towns and order from direct selling Moms when I can. I hope you will think before you buy and remember that we have some amazing businesses here on Long Island. It’s nice when the business owner knows your name, thanks you sincerely for coming in and  smiles when they see you. You don’t get that at the big box stores do you?

So if you can make at least 25% of your purchases locally, it’d be a GREAT start!

Some ideas:

When you see an Avon (or other direct sales company brochure) book on a ledge at the store, grab one and order something. Most direct sales reps take online sales so you don’t even have to call but they sure appreicate your business and you will help a work at home Mom put food on her table or pay for braces or sports.

Support the work at home Mom friends who showcases her item on facebook. It could be skin care, candles, purses or vitamins.It could be anything that is in stores. However . most direct sales companies make quality products but you pay a drop more than drug store or large store  items. It’s worth it knowing you are helping friends, though.

How about the local small stores? Independently owned boutiques, health food stores and children’s toy shops cannot compete with large store prices , so remember to drop in and make a purchase when you can.

Go to craft fairs when you can. These folks work hard at their art and they pay often hefty booth fees. Handmade items make great gifts too!

Support local food co-ops and farmstands by buying local produce. Buy organic when possible. It’s so important to support local agriculture.

Like wine? Buy Long Island wines! There are so many lovely vineyards on our beautiful Long Island forks and these fols work hard to produce quality wines , which they do. And many of them are great prices. So rather than an imported wine, or a Cali wine, think local!

Whatever you can do , remember charity (and business) begin at home so let’s help our our communities and our island and our state as much as we can!

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