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Spring cleaning for your soul

Now that the weather is warming up  and things are growing, how about growing right along with the flowers? We are getting ready to wipe away the winter cobwebs, and air out the houses, let’s do the same for our spirits! 564682_10200877692964120_1773593363_n What better time of year than now to reaccess things in our lives and say “Out with the old, in with the New?”

Now is a great time to rediscover passions you may have put aside or to take up new hobbies you have been dreaming of.  Now is the time to get rid of what is not working in your life and adopt new attitudes and new ways of doing things so everything starts flowing easily and going your way.

No more days  falling into bed exhausted yet feeling like nothing major was accomplished. When you carve out some “me time”, and experience things that give you joy and make time fly, then you WILL go to bed satisfied and already planning what the next day will hold.

It’s time to get a bit more  INQUISITIVE with yourself and ask : what makes me happy? what do I really want to do in my free time? what do I want to do for work? what am I not doing that I used to love? what do I think of all the time?

And then once you have  clear answers, commit to a change. Sweep away the old ways of thinking, the OLD YOU, and start doing fun and creative new things. That could be changing your wardrobe head to toe. It could be going to school, getting a new job or just taking acting lessons. Could be starting on the book you always wanted to write. Or maybe taking a gourmet cooking class. Maybe it’s committing to a daily 1 hour walk in the park , or starting a home business.

But whatever it is, there is never a better time than  now to get started, get focused and reclaim the things that make your spirit soar!

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