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Have You Considered Starting a Yoga Practice?

Starting a yoga practice does not mean you have to bend like a pretzel. Yoga offers so many health benefits to us. Why not give it a try?

It’s a little escape from the bombardment of noise, music and electronics we deal with every day . It gives us a chance to just listen to nature, or even  to nothing.Yoga’s benefits go beyond what you may realize too. Here’s a few ways a yoga practice can work for you:


Maintain flexibility
If you’re over 40, you  probably know how flexibility declines as we age.  Yoga can help  keep you supple, strong and less prone to falling as well. It can keep you touching your toes and picking up dropped items easier and even keep your hamstrings from tightening up after long walks.

Even if you don’t get to church or even have a “religion”, yoga can be your connection to spirituality , to prayer and to a higher source just by meditation. Yoga teaches us to turn inward and listen to our soul and our body. It’s up to you how much you want to tune into the spirituality aspect, though.Some practice yoga strictly for it’s physical benefits and others for both.

No partner needed  Unlike sports, yoga can be done alone and you don’t have to compete to be as good or better than anyone else.Your practice is your practice…it may be different each day but there is not right and no wrong.And there is no losing.

It’s a feel good thing too.  Yoga practice, like any exercise, can help release those feel good endorphins which in turn makes you a happier person and most likely will improve your mood throughout the day. Yoga is said to help us maintain our emotions by learning to focus on breathing deeply.We often feel a deep peace after our practice.

Yoga doesn’t cost much. You can practice yoga anywhere, a bedroom, a living room, a hotel room, a beach, or the backyard like I often do, but many people prefer a nice yoga mat  wherever they choose to practice.  You can also consider yoga blocks if you are tight and need to start slow with flexibility. To get started, you may want to order a DVD or 2 and check out some different yoga styles and instructors. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Journey into Power– Baron Baptiste

Yoga Zone beginners

Yoga Meltdown– Jillian Michaels

AM and PM Yoga– Rodney Yee

Yoga for beginners

You can also take a local yoga class, at a studio, a gym and sometimes community centers and even libraries offer yoga classes.
All in all, yoga is a great addition to any exercise practice you already have. For me, the idea of getting inflexible and tight is not something I want as I age, so keeping supple is important to me. What’s important to you?

Do you already practice yoga?
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