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Birthdays- The Great Reminder That Time Goes Fast

I used to speak in full sentences. I remember those days clearly.
I also used to have more free time. Well, I mean, I had time that was not paying bills, cooking and cleaning.
At least I think I did.
Did you?
Now with 3 kids and being single, well…
See? I didn’t finish my sentence again.
But I don’t want to make myself feel special. There are millions of single moms.
And there are millions more married or partnered who are as busy or busier than me.
For all of them I have one question:

How do we do it?

One day we will look back and remember how busy we were and how fast time goes.
Today- on my birthday
I am going to take more time to SAVOR

Birthdays are really such a great reminder of time aren’t they?


I will make more time to just sit.
To be with my kids
without distractions.
To do more things I love
To forget about the petty, small distractions and to ENJOY more.

I think EVERY MOM needs to remember to slow down and relax-to SAVOR their days a bit more and to live in the moment, full of gratitude and appreciation.

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