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Lowe’s Build And Grow Clinics


For our family, a weekend trip to Lowe’s is a common occurrence. Often times, this is a shopping outing all of my kids look forward to. The little ones love to help daddy with his home improvement projects and can’t wait to accompany him on a trip to pick out tools or paint samples. Two weeks ago, we checked out the free Build & Grow workshop that Lowe’s hosts on Saturdays at 10am and Sundays at 2pm.

These  hands-on, interactive workshops give children the opportunity to build a simple wooden craft. Children learn to listen to and follow directions as well as  learning how to properly use a hammer and other tools. In the end, they gain a sense of accomplishment when their project is completed. Store employees are on hand to help the kids with the project and parents are invited to stay and assist as well.

IMAG1917We attended the workshop featuring the Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck. Toy Story is a family favorite around here from the 17 year old down to the littlest one. These workshops are geared towards children from ages 6 through 12, so my 15 year old was a little bummed.


Four of my children attended this clinic. They had a great time sorting out the pieces, hammering in the nails, and decorating their trucks.  There was only one mishap where a finger was hammered instead of a nail. After a few tears and a band-aid, all was well.

There were about 24 kids in attendance with plenty of room and supplies for everyone. Each registered participant received a project kit, apron, and goggles.

IMAG1922After completing the truck, my little carpenters were given a Toy Story themed iron-on patch to put on their apron as well as a candy treat. My kids cannot wait to accrue more patches to attach to their aprons. They are excitedly looking forward to attending the Toy Story RC Racer workshop this coming Saturday.


Lowe’s offers new Build and Grow clinics on set weekends throughout the year. Space is limited, so registration is required. You can register as well as find out more information out on the Lowe’s Build And Grow website.

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