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Do More Of What Makes You Happy

If I could rewind to New Year’s Eve, this would be my resolution; do more of what makes me happy. Not 2 specific words like lose weight,  donate more,  quit something. Because in reality, ALL of those things would make a person happy, right? That’s why we choose to make these resolutions that some people call silly. For me,  it’s just a nice clean slate to give yourself a chance to start over and be better. You can start any day of the year; a special day like New Year’s Eve or your birthday or how about, say, um, TODAY?

I’ve decided that certain things make me happy and I’m doing them no matter what. I’m at the age that I don’t give a crap anymore what anyone thinks of me. I’m raising my kids and living my life the way I want. I speak my mind and I feel good about it. THAT is the ONE nice part of aging isn’t it? The confidence we women acquire.

I spent quite a few years with babies and little kids doing every thing for them, wiping butts, washing clothes and waving a gazillion times when they said, “Mommy watch me!”

And it made me very happy, it did, but I fell into bed  totally exhausted and feeling like I was neglecting my personal needs and I’m not talking sex. We all have our personal hobbies, some quirkier than others. For me, it’s quiet time. I need it late at night, when the kids are in bed, when the house is dark and silent. I need my few hours to read my stack of books and magazines or to mindlessly scroll through Pinterest crafts and recipes I don’t have nearly enough talent, nor patience to actually ever make.  I need grown up food, like with VARIETY and FLAVOR, so I no longer say ” I’ll have what their having” , but I splurge a bit of some fancy schamcny (ha!) frozen Trader Joe’s meals so I can feel a bit more elegant.Who has time to really cook right? I need beach time without pails and shovels so I can take long walks collecting shells and beach glass. I need a pedicure here and there.  And these little things make me happy. So I am aiming to do as many as I can, since well, WHY NOT? And I ask you, my friends and my readers and my fellow bloggers, to carve out some time to do more of what makes YOU happy too.

Margarita anyone?

So tell me, what makes you happy?

Shell collecting


Shell collecting makes me happy!


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