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Easy and Tasty Peanut Butter Bites- A Great Snack the Kids Can Make!

3 ingredients. Simple. Quite healthy. And my kids can make it.

That about sums up my idea of an ideal recipe.

Ok, so I have to clean up the mess. But I love letting my kids be involved in making food.

Peanut Butter Bites

All you need for these delicious peanut butter bites are:

  • Quick Cook Oatmeal (I use organic)    * ( not the flavored packettes)
  • Peanut Butter (again,organic is healthiest)
  • Honey

There are no measurements because that’s the way I cook, you can make a few or make a ton and the consistency of the peanut butter depends on brand.

Get a large bowl or spaghetti bowl type dish.

Pour in oats right from the canister. 1/3 can or so will be a nice start.

Drizzle honey…several teaspoons at least.

Scoop several large spoonfuls of peanut butter and attempt to mix. I say attempt because at first you (or the kids) can do it with a big spoon. Mix as well as you can until all the oats are not dry. Add more peanut butter and honey as needed to reach a playdoh type thickness- moldable, not falling apart, not too thick or thin.

Then the FUN starts. With CLEAN hands,get in there and squish and squish( kids love this!) and then form small balls. This shouldn’t be like play doh , though, meaning you don’t need to roll the ball 50 times. Just a quick roll around the hands and you’ve got a nice ball. Place balls on plate. Continue until done.

Then keep in the refrigerator.

My kids make these several times a week. My son loves them before ( and after soccer) for a quick energy snack. And I know he is eating healthy! They also eat them for breakfast, after school, late night snack.



Use chocolate peanut butter instead of regular

Add cinnamon(helps stabilize blood sugar)

Add mini chocolate chips to the mix


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