Summer Bucket List for the NYC Mom

When you’re a mother, summer is a great time to bond with the kids, at least for the first week or so. Then, depending on their age and temperament, it may start to feel a bit less… pleasant. Of course, you still love them, but a day off here and there would do a world of good.

Living in New York City, there are always a thousand things to do and see. Some you can do with the kids, but it’s also nice to get out on your own or on a date with your spouse. As a classic New Yorker, you might feel like it’s easy to get lost in your daily life and forget about all the tourist attractions in and around NYC. However, they’re tourist attractions for a reason. Some of them are simply amazing, and others you should do just because you can.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photo By: Joe Shlabotnik

Photo By: Joe Shlabotnik

You can’t have a more perfect excuse to get out of bed than heading out to see this landmark. It’s a huge museum filled with priceless artifacts by people whose names we can’t pronounce. It’s close enough that excuses don’t fly, and adult enough to make it a great date or a girl’s night out. Plus, you know, free wine.

Central Park (and Zoo)

Family friendly or not, Central Park is one attraction you don’t want to miss. After the winter we just had, a day (or week) spent in the sun is sure to give your mood a boost. Central Park may be beautiful in the winter, covered in snow that looks like frosting, but summer is still the favorite. You can hang out with your friends and share a bottle of wine, or you can meander around by yourself, getting some laid-back exercise and people watching. Plus, there’s a zoo. So if you get tired of watching humans in their natural habitat, go check out the animals.

Coney Island

Photo By: drpavloff

Photo By: drpavloff

Ok, this may seem like a bit of a kid’s thing, but we all need to let our inner child out now and then! Mermaids, pirates, hot dogs, and cotton candy abound. It’s the perfect place to get yourself in the summer mood, and relive your carefree days of high school and make out with your sweetie at the top of the Ferris Wheel.


Living in NYC means you always have something to do, and there are always people to do it with. How many of those people you actually like, however, can be questionable. That’s why a weekend trip to Pennsylvania is just what the doctor ordered. While you’re there, don’t miss out on Bricco. Since the award winning restaurant is out of the city, you won’t find yourself fighting for a reservation. And hey, might as well check out the capital of PA while you’re at it!

Hershey Park

Photo By: Ed Kennedy

Photo By: Ed Kennedy

Since we’re talking about visiting PA, you’ll need something to do while waiting for that dinner at Bricco. Hershey Park to the rescue! You know you’re getting close when you start to see the streetlights shaped like Hershey’s Kisses. Once you’re there, make sure to take the Chocolate Tour (there’s free chocolate at the end). Afterwards, spend the rest of the day enjoying your trip to the park. Rollercoasters, dolphin shows, and a water park are all included, but leave enough time to freshen up before dinner!

Little Branch

Oh my, oh my, where did the romance go? You can take a torch to that candle by taking a peek into Little Branch, a steamy little cocktail lounge for adults only. That means the kids are away and it’s time for the parents to play. Enjoy a little adult time, and reignite your marriage.

This is by no means an inclusive list. However, now you might have a better idea of what you can do, and you may be thinking about which sitter is most likely available. Go ahead and call, and remember why moms love summertime too!


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