The Gift Guide for All Types of NYC Moms

As a mother in the city that never sleeps, you have even more opportunities than moms in other places to help your youngsters get into the holiday spirit, whether that means checking out the huge Christmas tree and going ice skating at Rockefeller Center or taking the tots to Macy’s to let them sit on Santa’s knee and relay their wish lists.

Photo by Aaron Jacobs

Photo by Aaron Jacobs

What about your own wish list for the season? Although it’s important to make sure your family members get to fully enjoy the holidays, that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your own needs and wants. Keep reading and get some ideas to spark your inspiration if you’re trying to come up with a list of things for yourself. Trust us, your family will appreciate a gift guide.

The Gift of Comfort

According to the famous carol, the holidays bring “tidings of comfort and joy,” right? Take care of the first part and look forward to the second with gifts that help you feel cozy and comfortable on the chilliest nights.

Ask for an over-sized woven throw that’s large enough to cuddle under with your kids, and request a pair of fuzzy slippers to keep your toes from getting frigid. Plan to make the most of time after the kids have gone to bed by putting some scented candles on your list so you can breathe in the aroma and feel at peace as a flickering glow spreads over the room.

The Gift of Memories

You truly cannot put a price on memories, but you can ask for gifts that help you create new, happy things about which to reminisce.

Photo by Megan Shipton

Photo by Megan Shipton

Start by asking for a gift basket that’s filled with treats to help you have a magical night in. Suggest favorite movie titles, whether you love Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” or adored Jared Leto’s surprisingly heartfelt turn in the more recent flick, “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” Then, drop a few hints that a night spent watching your favorite film is even more complete with a bottle of choice wine and some gourmet popcorn. Those gift ideas may seem basic, but they could provide all you need to make memories that last forever.

Also, mention how you’d love a meaningful family photo that’s nicely displayed in a beautiful frame. Whether the snapshot used is one you’ve had for a while, or you get a new picture taken as part of your holiday celebrations, a framed family picture is an ideal thing to cheer you up on the toughest days.

The Gift of Luxury

If you’re like many moms, you don’t often treat yourself to luxurious things because you’d rather spend the money on your family. Fortunately, the holiday season is a perfect time to suggest that loved ones splurge on you. Consider putting a lovely gemstone bracelet on your list, especially after specifying details like the shape of the stones, the type of chain and the designer you’d prefer.

Also, consider asking for a massage, facial or gift certificate to a hair salon, especially if you’ve been tempted to indulge in some pampering or try a new look, but keep letting other things take priority.

The Gift of Classics

The New York Times’ list of best-selling book titles changes all the time, but sometimes there’s nothing that matches the allure of classic titles. Whether Charles Dickens or Emily Brontë captures your fancy, put a few page-turners on your wish list in hopes of beginning to build an impressive library that provides constant company during your precious me time.

The Gift of Variety

If some people in your family are still lacking ideas of what to buy after you discuss some of the things above, bring up the possibility of a subscription to a gift-of-the-month club so you’ll periodically get some sort of new product (usually a food or beverage item) to sample on a regular basis. Whether you receive gourmet coffee or delicious pizza, these offerings are especially welcome if you enjoy trying new things but don’t have enough time to do it as often as you’d like.

Hopefully these ideas will not only make it simpler for people to shop for you, but also act as reminders that even if you feel pulled in every direction this year, you should not be afraid to ask for what you truly want – and deserve.

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