Simple Ways for Moms to Make Money in the New Year

Being a mom can be tough. From diapers to midnight feedings to helping with homework after dinner, the duties seem endless. Just when you think you’re all caught up, bills are paid and the dishes are done, someone says, “Mom, we’re out of …” Just like that, you’re figuring out when and how you’re going to purchase something else.

Take a little guesswork out of providing for your family by trying a few new ways to make money at home.


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Yes, you can save the Earth and earn money at the same time. If you’re the type who fills up on bottled water or cans of soda, capitalize on that by recycling them. You can get up to 5 to 10 cents per can in some locations, which may seem small, but it sure adds up.

Many office supply companies, like Staples and Quill, offer cash or rewards for your empty toner cartridges. If you happen to have any metal around that’s of no use to you, scrap it and get some bucks.

Sell Your Clothes and Accessories

We all have a tendency to accumulate clothing to the point where we aren’t even sure what’s in our closets. Figure out what you’re really wearing and get some money back on the items you aren’t. Julie Gerstein from BuzzFeed has created an excellent list of sites that will pay you for your used clothing.

Open a New Bank Account

Some financial institutions vie for your loyalty by offering competitive interest rates and incentives for new bank accounts. Look for those that will give you a little cash just for opening and also have a rate that will make a little bit of money grow into a healthy emergency fund.

Use Incentive and Loyalty Shopping Sites

Sites like Memolink and Swagbucks allow moms to make money while browsing the Internet, taking surveys and shopping. Build up rewards points, gather coupons and save money on some of your favorite stores just by answering a few questions and shopping like you normally would.

Get the Right Credit Card

It may seem backwards to say you can make money by going into debt. However, by selecting the right credit card, you can find yourself earning cash back and points towards your next family vacation. Use the card on small transactions and pay it off immediately. You want to avoid keeping a balance on your card so you reap the maximum benefits of owning it without going into debt.

Become a Consultant

Start your own business by becoming a sales consultant for a company like Mary Kay or Jamberry, both of which specialize in at-home and catalog parties. Host a girls’ night and sell your products to friends and acquaintances, or set up your own website to make a little cash through online sales.

Open an Etsy Shop

If you’re one of those lucky gals who has a special knack for knitting, painting, tying shoelaces or anything even remotely creative, set yourself up with an Etsy shop. Customers place orders, you make them and ship them off, and they pay you for the work you’ve done. Get paid for doing something you love. Sounds pretty nice, right?

Rent Out Extra Space

Do you have a little extra room at your place? Offer it up for storage or as a room to someone, and you’ve got another source of monthly income without even lifting a finger. The Wall Street Journal put together a great article with tips on renting out personal space.

These simple and fun ideas will help you pull in some extra bucks with ease.

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